THIS WEEK; Al’s Public Appearances

‘Glad to say I have just started playing again at the lovely Kemoll’s Chophouse. We restarted on July 8th and it was splendid! Kemoll’s has implemented various health precautions, including movable glass dividers to break up the open areas as needed. I am glad to note that recent posts from some Stanford University researchers and other experts state that in light of new data, scary projections have been tamped down quite a bit. Meaning the health scare was not as bad as many were projecting—not by a long shot. I don’t know how else to state it. Personally, I am having a BLAST performing again! Though I certainly respect other’s decisions in regards to masking etc. The elegant, new KEMOLL’s Chophouse in Westport Plaza St. Louis County must be experienced- so check it out! My hours are usually 5- 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday. Kemoll’s is a St. Louis culinary gem dating back 93 years to 1927. Still run old-style by the original family. Their homemade $6. appetizers include T-Ravs, amazing meatballs, hand-stuffed Peppadew peppers, Bangkok chicken and more, with this Happy Hour pricing all the way to 8:30. Also hopefully in my schedule for 2020, catch ‘Al Ox & Friends’ playing at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Clayton MO USA (any upcoming Friday dates will be posted) At Ruth’s, I am joined by some of St. Louis’ top players, including Randall ‘Bear’ on guitar and drummers such as Brian May, Gerald Warren or Drew Bethany. See you soon!

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