THIS WEEK; Al’s Public Appearances

Happy New Year! Yes I am PLAYING LIVE at Kemoll’s! Kemoll’s Chophouse in Westport St. Louis USA is OPEN for indoor dining once again and also has its heated tent in the patio area. This week I am set to play from 5:00 PM up to 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday nights. I may add more nights as my schedule is firmed up. Please do come out and support Kemoll’s! Music is piped throughout including the tent, where it’s a warm 75 degrees. As for ‘spacing’, Kemoll’s has recently implemented movable clear dividers to break up the open areas indoors. I am encouraged to note that recent posts from x-Pfizer chief scientist of 16 years Dr. Mike Yeadon as well as 10’s of 1000’s of doctors around the globe agree that medical danger is quite overblown by the media, but of course follow your own principles on all this. Personally, I love performing again and sharing my music! The elegant, new KEMOLL’s Chophouse in Westport Plaza St. Louis County must be experienced- so check it out! Kemoll’s is a St. Louis culinary gem dating back 93 years to 1927. Still run old-style by the original family. Their homemade $7. appetizers include T-Ravs, amazing meatballs, hand-stuffed Peppadew peppers, Bangkok chicken and more. Also please note that I am still available to perform for special events, so don’t hesitate contacting me through this site and thanks! -Alan

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