THIS WEEK; Al’s Public Appearances

Presently as of November 18th 2020 I am not playing publicly. Kemoll’s Chophouse is OPEN and I understand they are constructing a heated tent in their patio area. Please support Kemoll’s! I hope to be back there soon. FYI, Kemoll’s had recently implemented movable clear dividers to break up the open areas indoors. I am encouraged to note that recent posts from x-Pfizer chief scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon and 1000’s of doctors around the globe indicate that any danger is quite overblown by the media. I don’t know how else to state it. Do what makes you feel ‘safe’. Personally, I look forward to performing and sharing my music again with you ASAP! The elegant, new KEMOLL’s Chophouse in Westport Plaza St. Louis County must be experienced- so check it out! Kemoll’s is a St. Louis culinary gem dating back 93 years to 1927. Still run old-style by the original family. Their homemade $7. appetizers include T-Ravs, amazing meatballs, hand-stuffed Peppadew peppers, Bangkok chicken and more. Happy Hour pricing is all the way to 8:30, and you are welcome to a table too! –Also please note that I am still available to perform for special events, so don’t hesitate contacting me through this site and thanks! -Alan

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